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L.P Design has collaborated with several Toronto based organizations including Toronto Green Community, RainScapeTO, Ojibiikaan Indigenous Cultural Network & NishDish. Acting as a consultant and contractor to help maintain and improve their local garden initiatives.  Some of the projects include building Traditional Medicine Wheel Gardens in Eglinton Park’s Community Garden, maintaining traditional Three Sisters food gardens, Creating Neo-traditional Medicine gardens, and providing workshops to help foster knowledge of our local medicinal plants and sustainable gardens.


L.P Design creates unique horticultural spaces with both design and function in mind, while proving an indigenous perspective that encourages sustainable gardening practices. Started by Alexandra Langford-Pezzo in 2016, L.P Design has expanded its specialties beyond traditional landscaping, based on the changing needs of individuals and the local ecosystem.


Specializing in beneficial and sustainable gardens, for traditional yards and also creating alternatives for urban residents with balconies to enjoy during the summer months.  Alexandra is proudly one of the few Indigenous business owners to create Traditional and Neo-Traditional Medicine Wheel Gardens in Toronto.


Traditional landscaping looks to improve a space based on the look and functionality for the client. L.P Designs sustainable gardens achieve this with a personal consultation and exceeds standards by incorporating ecologically beneficial plants into the garden design. These gardens not only achieve traditional ideals but exceeds them by allowing clients to be fully immersed in their garden.

 Using pollinator & native plant species our gardens add biodiversity to the soil, restore its ph by adding much needed nutrients and provide habitat and food sources for many integral insects including our much beloved pollinators such as the hundreds of bee and butterfly species.

Indigenous Influences

Owner, Alexandra Langford-Pezzo is an urban Cree from Missanabie Cree First Nation located in Northern Ontario.

She strives to include and incorporate her knowledge of TEK (Traditional Environmental Knowledge) into every garden. This means having a respectful mindset of the plants, the animals, insects and people who will interact with the garden. Her goal is to recreate the relationship between person and earth to foster a new stewardship.

"These gardens aren’t meant to be just pretty things, we are supposed to learn and grow with them."

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