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  • Indigenous owned?
    Owner, Alexandra Langford-Pezzo, is from Missanabie Cree First Nation.
  • Consultation fees
    For garden consultations the first 30 minutes are free, after the 30 minutes it is up to the client if they would like to continue the consultation with fees based on size of garden and project scope. However for our other consulation services, such as design, both outdoor and indoor plant selection are priced at our general consultation fee of $40 per session.
  • What kind of gardens do you do?
    We prioritize creating environmentally benefical gardens such as native plant & pollinator gardens. These gardens use native specices of plants to help improve our local ecosystem by supporting insect species and improving the soil quality. However this does not limit the styles of garden we create, from classic english gardens to the modern sleek style seen in Forest Hill. L.P Design incorporates native plants into every style.
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